I Just Bought My First Road Bike

Once I got into my forties I knew it would be inevitable.  Pounding the pavement with morning runs or pushing guys around on the basketball court would need to end.  At some point I would have to accept the inevitable effects of aging and the wear and tear my body had experienced from a lifetime of sports.

A lot of my friends had taken up cycling. Is it cycling or biking? I still don’t know.  That’s how new I am to all of this.  As you can see in the photo above I don’t even have a bike rack yet.  That’s a pic of my new Scott Speedster that I picked up at A Road Bike 4U.

When they fitted me for it I started to feel a bit nervous about riding which surprised me a bit.  I guess I didn’t realize how technical it is at the beginning.  Clipping in and clipping out is something I worry about as well as learning how to shift and brake properly.  Bombing around on my 13 year old Trek with platform pedals is a far cry from this. And it’s why I have avoided the shop rides so far even though I’ve been invited now twice.

I actually got out for the first time last weekend and it was amazing.  It was truly thrilling to go that fast and to feel as if it were effortless.  People who I recognized that always passed me on my Trek I was now catching and passing with ease.  So I guess I’ve caught the bug right?  Is this how you guys all start talking?  It would seem to make sense.  Keeping score is fun and passing people, well, that seems like points I guess.

I don’t know.  I’m still trying to understand the culture and what it’s all about.  Do I have to walk into Starbucks all clickety clack in my outfit and order a half caf latte frapaccino whatever?  I hope not.  I just wanna ride.  And try not to hurt anybody out there.

10 thoughts on “I Just Bought My First Road Bike

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the group. Come on in the water is warm.

    For clarification: Biking is what you do with your kids on the weekends, Cycling on the other had involves clipped pedals and passing people…or getting passed.

  2. Great time to start, It’s National Bike Month! The OCTA has bike maps and safety informational available online as well. Also, pledge your miles and enter the OCTA raffle to win Oakley sunglasses, cycling gear and National Bike Month T-shirts.

  3. check out Strava as a way to track your rides and see how you stack up to the others out there….welcome to the family

  4. Congrats!!! It’s really a fun sport…expansive but what the heck. In a few months you’re going to be itching to buy a second bike. Be safe out there and have fun I’m sure you won’t regret it. Oh yeah and it is cycling. And if you want to go into a Starbucks…just do it.

    • Ha thanks Julio! Right cycling not biking. I actually got roped into a basketball game the other night and walked off injured so I know if I just keep my wits about me on the road chances are I’ll be better off and at less risk!

  5. Yo Steve. That’s awesome. Now we can ride together finally maybe even on our camping trip. Dude be safe. Stay on the river trail for a while and yes it is cycling not biking. Dude this will change your life, trust me. Before you know it you’ll be itching to ride some epics and climbing will not be so killer.
    Take care see you at school drop off.

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