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Did you ever notice that your car seems to run a little better after you’ve just had it washed?  For me it’s the same with a bike.  Do you remember how that new bike felt that first time you threw a leg over it?  It was beautiful and fast and you’d cast an appreciating eye over it every time you walked past it in the garage.  But then time and miles slowly started to take their toll.  With every ride there was a little more grease and grunge build-up.  Before long that sleek quickness that made you fall in love with that bike was gone.

But unlike that clean car “running better” feeling which is just a cosmetic thing, having a clean, well-tuned bike has definite and measurable performance advantages aside from the “looking good” benefits.  Over the next several weeks we will be discussing how you can upgrade your ride using some simple home remedies.

In upcoming posts we will show you:

  • 1)  How a regular bike wipe-down using bike specific products will help you diagnose existing or pending mechanical issues as well as identify those things that you can take care of and those that need shop attention.
  • 2) How having a well maintained bike can add as much as 1 1/2% to your bike’s efficiency.
  • 3)  How to maintain that new bike bling through-out the life of your bike.

Watch this space for coming details.

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