When In Doubt Clip Out

That isn’t me in the above video but it may as well be.  As a newbie, I am finding out the hard way the limits to my cycling skills and overall coordination.  Last weekend I was ten minutes into my ride, feeling pumped to be on the road and excited for a solid one hour ride (I can’t last much longer than that at the moment) when I yet again took a tumble because I did not anticipate someone crossing my path.  And I learned a very simple lesson: when in doubt, clip out.

I don’t know why I think it’s cooler to stay clipped in because it certainly isn’t safer.  So now even if I think there is a slight chance of having to stop, that’s it, I’m out.

In between falls the riding has been awesome and I am quite hooked for sure.  It’s like being a kid again.  I think that is the one thing that makes it special for a middle-aged weekend warrior.  There are not many sports you can do that make you feel young.  Everything makes you feel old.  But cycling is one foot in front of the other.  And it’s a total thrill if you can avoid the newbie mistakes.

Like not understanding how the tires inflate.

So I noticed that my tires had gotten quite low after ignoring them for the first few rides.  I grabbed my pump and place the nozzle on and started to pump.  One pump, two pumps three, nothing going in.  What the heck is going on?  Is my pump defective? Is there another way to do this? I went online and typed “how to inflate road bike tires” and an ehow video gave me the secret.

So now I know I need to unscrew the top and that is a good thing.

What else am I doing wrong?

Well I’m not riding with a spare tube and patch kit.

I have yet to move my water bottle cage from my old mountain bike to my new bike.

I don’t have a computer/speedometer installed.

Right now I’m just trying to feel comfortable in the saddle and not fall.  My rides are one-hour lunch rides, which I have to say are changing my life for the good.  No more 2 o’clock food comas!  And my kids eat with me at dinner time instead of missing me because I’m working late or went to the gym.

It’s just such a convenient and easy sport to embrace. I can see how the guys who have been cycling for years get so addicted.

I had some doubts at first when I was falling and going through the initial pain.

But the beauty of cycling is you can clip out one day and clip right back in the next.





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