2012 BMC Race Machine Hot at A Road Bike 4U!

CompetitiveCyclist said this:
The Swiss have a well-earned reputation for precision. Attention to detail is often treated as a bloodless drive that is the opposite of passion. We beg to differ. It’s the embodiment of passion. That BMC bikes ride so well is testament to the passion with which they attack the problems of bicycle frame design. BMC’s Race Machine RM01 is the expression of not only love, but of mastery of geometry as well as material.

The Race Machine is part of BMC’s Race Series frames, a designation the RM01 shares with the Team Machine. This means it’s designed for racing, so the frame first puts a fit rider in a powerful, efficient aerodynamic position. This also means that the frameset is designed to be stiff and light — two things serious riders demand.

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