Acknowledge Fellow Cyclists

Cyclist WavingHas this ever happened to you?  You’re riding down the open road and another cyclist rides by in the opposite direction.  You give him (or her) a friendly wave or nod but get nothing in return.  It’s as if you weren’t even there.  What’s up with that?  Sadly, I’ve noticed that more times than not I don’t get any sort of response back.  Geez…are we taking ourselves so seriously that we don’t have a moment to acknowledge our fellow cyclist.  Afterall, aren’t we all part of the same club or “cycling community?”  Nodding or waving subtly says, “Hey, I appreciate you’re out here riding too, enjoying this great sport, getting in a good workout and letting vehicles know that it’s our road too.”  At least that’s the way I view it.  Okay…maybe you’re cranking up a hill so hard that you can barely breathe, let alone wave.  Or maybe you’re so lost in your thoughts that you truly didn’t see that other rider.  That happens sometimes.  But the next time you’re out on the road and get a wave or nod from your fellow cyclist, do the same – it says a lot!

4 thoughts on “Acknowledge Fellow Cyclists

  1. I acknowledge everyone whenever I’m on my bike – joggers, walkers, cyclists. Sadly, I get ignored 90% of the time. It’s really a shame!

  2. @Jeremie, I agree with you. I will usually give a nod or a quick wave but most people don’t respond. Maybe it’s not quite “cool” enough to acknowledge a fellow cyclist?

  3. I actually disagree. You don’t know what’s going on with someone. They could be pounding out at their max, trying to reach a goal and simply aren’t paying attention or don’t want the distraction. Maybe they’re angry and pounding it out. Maybe your nod is too late or people don’t feel comfortable letting go of one bar to wave.
    I try to nod to most people but I know my nod is sometimes imperceptible. If I’m in my aero bars or my drops, the pressure on my neck is enough that I could actually care less if someone feels warm and fuzzy (but I still do a nod). I’ve passed people on the left and said “good morning” and sometimes get no response. I don’t care. Maybe they didn’t hear what I said since I was slightly behind them or their friend was talking in their ear. I nod to runners. Some have already looked away. If I want the friendly nods and waves, I’ll grab my beach cruiser and ride the boardwalk at 5 mph.
    I treat it the same way I do shopping. Yes, we’re all in there with the “common goal” of buying food for our household, but most people look away and don’t interact. I think the better viewpoint is to rejoice when someone nods because it does indeed validate that we understand each other. That’s why sites like are popular. We can share our runs with people who actually get it and care and don’t post jokes memes about people who workout and post about it.

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