ARB4U Gran Fondo Recon Ride

I had the pleasure of doing a recon ride for the Los Angeles – Pasadena Gran Frondo over the weekend and I had a blast.  We focused on the climbing portion which consist of 45+ miles with 5500 feet of elevation gain.  The route was beautiful and inspiring but it was hot!  According to my Garmin data, it averaged 95 degrees throughout the day!  I would highly recommend the route and hope to see many more riders at the LA – Pasadena Gran Fondo.

You can check out the ride on Strava:


4 thoughts on “ARB4U Gran Fondo Recon Ride

  1. It was a great ride! 95% was on very smooth roads. Not much traffic and good shoulders. I found only a few of the grads to be “painfully” steep, but I did have to stop a few times, mostly to let my feet cool down in the shade (black shoes were not great for the heat + climbing!)

    I would recommend adding the locations to fill up water on the ride slips in the future. There were at least two that we found.

    Thanks for organizing the ride!

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