Function AND Fashion at a Great Price. CAPO Aparrel. Available at A Road Bike 4U in Irvine!

Are you looking for great value in your cycling attire? At A Road Bike 4U, we carry the CAPO clothing line, which is developed by cyclists for cyclists, and is rigorously tested (for a minimum of 12 months!) before it is sold. All of the fabrics come from Italy, and these same developers constantly make trips to Europe to stay on top of all the latest fabrics.

CAPO apparel designs every piece of clothing with the rider in mind. The base layers are one size fits all and are specifically engineered to fit close to the body to maintain your body temperature. The jerseys only flex horizontally, so that your back pockets won’t sag and so you can be comfortable. They also have a locking zipper, so you have the option of keeping your Jersey zipped halfway up; instead of only all the way up or down.

Next are the bib shorts. They are padded in such a way to maximize comfort on long rides, and also have areas that are designed to keep moisture away and keep you cool. There is never any design on the padding, because in order to print on it, a lower grade fabric is required. CAPO apparel doesn’t want to cut any corners when it comes to their quality.

They also have women’s jerseys which have generous pockets, as well as the same benefit from the mens jersey in the lockable zipper. The ladies have a few different styles to choose from, including quarter sleeve and sleeveless.

CAPO clothing is great for any rider, but it’s especially great 4U! So come down to A Road Bike 4U and get yourself some race quality apparel, at the best price.

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