Race-tested SIDI cycling shoes at A Road Bike 4U in Irvine. Don’t delay! Come check ’em out!

SIDI has the most sizes out of any cycling shoe company. And the sizes are honest too, 6mm for each full size and 3mm for each half size. They also have shoes for those with narrow feet, wide feet, and women’s shoes.

For 2013 SIDI has a shoe that Peter Sagan rode with in the Tour de France. It’s got 2 line closures that ratchets up like normal, but you can also loosen the lines one by one using buttons on either side of the closure. It’s a very low friction line, so it’s got even tension all around.

The sole is carbon, 4 bolt, has less stack height, and have been tested and proven to save 30 seconds an hour in time trials.

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