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Bottom Bracket Noise Diagnostics

Clicking noises not from the bike!!!!

Does your bike sound like this????  click here >>>>  BikeCreak  Many bikes arrive at the ARB service department with customers complaining of “a noise coming from the bottom bracket”, “Can you tighten it???”   Sometimes the source of the mysterious and aggravating sound is apparent and quickly fixable. But more often chasing it out of the bike requires detective work that would make Sherlock Holmes pale.  Here’s a  list of bike noise makers that can mimic that pesky bottom bracket creak:

  1. Loose front skewer
  2. Loose front hub bearings
  3. Worn front hub bearings
  4. Loose front wheel spokes
  5. Loose headset bearings
  6. Worn headset bearings
  7. Loose water bottle cage bolts
  8. Loose seat post clamp
  9. Dry (un-lubed) seat post
  10. Loose seat post in frame
  11. Loose seat clamp.
  12. Loose chain rings
  13. Loose/dry pedals
  14. Loose rear skewer
  15. Loose rear hub bearings
  16. Worn rear hub
  17. Loose cassette
  18. Loose cadence sensor on chain stay
  19. Loose derailleur hanger
  20. Dry Jockey wheels
  21. Dry chain

Did you notice, I haven’t mentioned “loose bottom bracket” as a bike noise source?  Even though bottom  bracket noise really does sometimes come from the bottom bracket, as you can see from the above list there are a lot of things that can masquerade as a so called “bottom bracket noise”.

Bottom bracket noise surgery

Bicycle frames. particularly carbon ones,  work like sounding boards.  Noises can easily source on one end of the bike and to your ear sound like they are coming completely from somewhere else (ie: bottom bracket).For this reason, I am always grateful for your patience and for your help as we chase those noisy little gremlins out of your bike.

Silently yours,,

The Mockster. “The Bike Noise Whisperer”

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