How to Build a Pro Bike

Based on the “rules” of cycling, it is important to maintain a certain image while riding. It is important to wear a matching kit, have glossy white shoes and have a “pro” looking bike. A bicycle is an extension of a rider’s personality and every single detail must be given an intense amount of thought.

Example #1 Gilbert’s BMC TMC Machine

Take note of the classic shape bars, matching bar tape and saddle, a ridiculously long stem, and massive saddle to bar drop.

Example #2

Bradley’s Pinarello Dogma is tastefully highlighted with a yellow saddle to commemorate his recent TDF win but the rest of the build is pure class.

Some basic guidelines to follow:
– Figure out your frame size and then purchase the next size down.
– Build your bike with matching bars, stem and seat post.
– White saddle and bar tape is ideal.
– Anything less than Super Record or Dura Ace should not be considered.
– An extreme amount of saddle to bar drop is necessary.

Follow these basic rules and you will go far in cycling.

* Most of this post should be taken lightly due to the satirical nature of the topic.

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