VO2 Test: Part 1 – The Assessment

If you’re into endurance sports like cycling, somewhere along the way you’ve probably heard about VO2 testing or the term VO2 Max.  Maybe you thought it was only for pro athletes or serious amateurs.  Actually, anyone looking to improve from their current fitness level can benefit from knowing their own body’s unique metabolic profile.  The key is to get tested at your current fitness level and then re-tested after several weeks of training.

Here is a look at the VO2 testing process as conducted at A Road Bike 4U’s SoCal Endurance Lab in Irvine, California.  All testing is conducted by Saul Blau of Power to the Pedals, LLC, utilizing superior medical-grade equipment.  His experience and credentials in the field of Metabolic Testing are second to none.  To learn more about Mr. Blau, click here.

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