VO2 Test: Part 2 – The Test Itself

Here is Part 2 in our 5-part series on Fitness Testing at A Road Bike 4U’s SoCal Endurance Lab.  In this video, you’ll see the actual test being conducted on Jason’s own road bike.  Runners or joggers just starting an exercise program would use the treadmill while triathletes would have a test conducted on both a bike and the treadmill (on separate days).

This test is a full VO2 Max, which means taking the athlete all the way to his or her maximum effort in increments over a 20 minute (approx.) time period.  This will allow for the determination of your current VO2 Max number.  However, the most important metric will be your Anaerobic Threshold, which does not require you to go to complete exhaustion.  A VO2 Submax test may be preferable for a lot of people.

All testing is conducted by Saul Blau of Power to the Pedals, LLC, utilizing superior medical-grade equipment.  His experience and credentials in the field of Metabolic Testing are second to none.  To learn more about Mr. Blau, click here.

To see the earlier blog post for Part 1, click here.  If you would like to jump ahead to Parts 3, 4 and 5, subscribe to A Road Bike 4U’s YouTube Channel, or simply stay tuned to this blog for Part 3 coming shortly.

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