Be Careful to Buy Genuine Pinarello Bicycles – Fakes Can Cost You!

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A Road Bike 4U is an authorized dealer for Pinarello, and stands in support of our supplier and their effort to protect their intellectual property.  Please keep in mind that no company, in the bicycle industry or otherwise, can afford to expend millions of dollars to develop new technologies unless they can be assured that those technologies have the protection of law.  If you appreciate the amazing new bicycles coming out of this factory and others, help our industry by being careful to only purchase the genuine article.  This ensures you get the backing of the true developer of the product.  And ask yourself this question:  Would you want to be going down a screaming descent on a knock-off carbon frame?  

A Road Bike 4U and The Pinarello Group would like to communicate to all of its customers that preventive measures and legal action have been undertaken and are ongoing in order to protect Pinarello trademarks, patents and goods worldwide.

This move is to prevent the increasing instances of counterfeiting and the sale of counterfeit or fake products. Intellectual property is fundamental for a viable and healthy marketplace and is guaranteed through the registration and maintenance of trademarks and patents around the world.

5 Rules to detect a False Pinarello:

1. Counterfeiters usually trade on E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS and ONLINE AUCTION sites.

2. Counterfeiters often claim to be OEM manufacturers of Pinarello frames.  This is totally false. Neither CICLI PINARELLO SPA nor their production facility sell frames online or outside of normal Pinarello distribution channels.

3. Counterfeiters do not and cannot offer an Official Pinarello Warranty.  While they may claim to offer a guarantee, it is not valid and will not be honored by Pinarello or any Pinarello dealer.

4. Counterfeit Pinarello frames are not Pinarello products. They are not designed by Pinarello’s engineers.  The quality of the carbon-fiber and the layup schedule is not the same.  They have not been through Pinarello’s exhaustive testing and quality control procedures.  In fact, Pinarello has analyzed several counterfeit frames which have been confiscated via International Customs Authorities.  These frames have been passed through the most elementary of resistance testing.  The results showed worrying structural failures that could result in serious damage and/or death to the rider.

5. Never buy a second hand Pinarello without verifying its authenticity. Genuine Pinarello frames have a serial number located on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. An authorized Pinarello dealer can reference this number to confirm or deny the authenticity of a frame.

We want to remind our customers that all of our products are sold exclusively through our official Pinarello Dealers (DEALER LOCATOR);  you can find out more information  on our products by visiting our official websites or Our resellers are at your complete disposal and shall provide you with all the information required prior to the purchase of Pinarello products.

We remind you that our warranty and the after-sale services are only available upon the purchase of our genuine & original Pinarello products, from an AUTHORIZED Dealer.


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