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The Dogma May Be #1, But The Silver Medal Goes To The All-Asymmetrical 2014 Pinarello Paris Think2.

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Much like it’s bigger brother, the PARIS® Comes with the Think2 system, allowing youto choose between an electric and a mechanical drivetrain with no issue and at no great effort. The PARIS is just below the Dogma as far as materials used and constructive technologies applied.

What technologies? Pinarello follows a methodology when it comes to frame construction. The acronym they use is SOE or, SIMULATION, OPTIMIZATION, EVOLUTION.

The initial tests in the design phase are done via technical software which simulates resistance, fatigue, fatigue, stress and aerodynamic impact. This, Pinarello says, ensures the realization of a prototype in an advanced stage and eventually leading to a final high performance frame.

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And what a beautiful frame it is! Completely asymmetrical from its rear asymmetric monostay, ONDA 2V front fork, new aerodynamic down tube design that, like the rest of the frame, is thicker on one side than the other.

Pinarello wants you to look good out on the road as well, so they equipped the bike with internal cable passages for both your brakes and gear systems, encasing them within the 50HM1,5K carbon frame.

In the 2014 edition, the weight has also been reduced, the frame (in size 54) is approximately 1038 grams, and is available in 14 sizes including special EASYFIT geometries, designed specifically for women. This bike comes in 5 Colors: 782 Sky (Blue), 780 Black/Re d, 784 White/Red, 781 Yellow, 783 Pink EasyFit.

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