Bike Fun in Los Angeles

Have you gone to a Cyclovia Event yet? Millions around the world and at least a million in the US have attended one or more of these amazing street festivals for cyclists, walkers, runners, and anyone looking for a great way to spend a day with friends and family, or making friends and sometimes families. Yes, according to the folks who originated the concept in Bogata, Columbia, and where the event is now run every single Sunday on over 80 miles of city streets, there are documented stories of those who’ve met and married at Cyclovia.

I attended the Cyclovia last year on Venice Blvd in Los Angeles. So much of the attention of that and other similar efforts is on the major thoroughfares that get multiple lanes set aside for miles and miles. But what I found fascinating was the spillover effect on the community for blocks around Venice. In downtown Culver City you could forget about getting a seat at any restaurant, and as the picture shows, there were bicycles everywhere. This picture is on Culver Blvd, not Venice.

As the video from Bogota shows, there are many enterprising vendors and organizations who set up booths and other activities, but the local vendors get the biggest benefit. For the Venice Cyclovia, 100,000 cyclists were riding slowly up and down Venice and adjacent streets … slowly! Slowly enough to actually notice the shops they were passing.

Another test of the Cyclovia concept took place yesterday, April 6th on Wilshire Blvd. This was the second time Wilshire has hosted the event. To learn more about this event, click here.

Then today, April 7th, Jeff Miller, president of the Alliance for Bike and Walking, will be speaking in Santa Ana. Come meet Jeff: 6pm today April 7th at the Garfield Community Center, 850 Brown Street, Santa Ana. The event is free. For more about Cyclovia, click here.

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