Bicycling Magazine Editors’ Choice Award: 2014 Pinarello ROKH


For the Second Year in a Row, the Pinarello ROKH Wins the Bicycling Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for Top Classics Bike

“In a field of admirable bikes, the ROKH edged out the other finalists. On broken pavement the bike’s personality actually became calmer and more relaxed, said one tester. But on smoother surfaces it also displayed the active, tactile attitude of Pinarello’s racier Dogma. And call us shallow, but aesthetics also played a role. Like a bespoke suit, the ROKH’s sharp lines stand out among more staid designs.” –

More forgiving than pure racers in terms of absorbing bumps, the ROKH’s compliance and stability come from it’s long wheelbase, clearance for wide tires, slightly higher front-end and shock-eating seatstays.

2014 Pinarello RokhThe ROKH is made with 30HM12K carbon-fiber cloth. The material resists 30 tons of force per square centimeter with 12,000 fibers per weft. In addition to its light weight, material properties include, strength, durability, and resistance to crash damage.

2014 Pinarello Rokh Onda Fork
Image Credit: Mitch Lomacz

The frame and its design dramatically isolates the road from the rider. The waves of the Onda fork and the bowed seat stays help accomplish that goal. A slightly relaxed seat angle and taller head tube also help with comfort, the former contributing to stability, the latter offering both a more upright position and more material with which to absorb vibrations. These features are excellent and work for the road, while the entirely asymmetric frame, with just about every tube shaped differently on the right than it is on the left, contribute to putting more of the rider’s energy into propelling the bike forward.

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The ROKH is kitted up with Shimano 6800 components. The Ultegra line is the workman racer’s group, and the beauty of the mechanical is that the shifting performance is nearly identical to the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace, but at a price point that is easy to handle. The only differences are the finish and weight. These mechanical shifters move the chain across a 52/36 crankset and an 11-25 eleven-speed cassette.


The bike is finished with Pinarello house-brand componentry, mostly. These parts are designed with Pinarello bikes in mind, so they play well together. Little things like the seatpost setback, stem angle, handlebar drop and reach are made to mate with Pinarello frames. A PressFit30 bottom bracket standard make the crankset future proof as well.

The name ROKH suggests a cobblestone cruiser, and indeed, this bike excels on rough stuff.

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