Cervelo’s Most Aerodynamic Frameset EVER

The 2014 Cervelo P5 Six Dura-Ace is Innovative, Fast, and Efficient

The P5 is Cervelo’s most aerodynamic bike ever, with skin surface tuned for each Aero Zone to optimize airflow conditions at each point along the frame. The result is a time savings of approximately 30 seconds in a 40 kilometer time trial.

The world’s fastest and best fitting aerobar sits atop the P5, designed by Cervelo but manufactured by 3T. 100% of its cables are hidden, eliminating aero drag and the cable paths have been specifically designed to minimize bends and maximize shifting performance. The P5 also features a BBright bottom bracket for ultimate power transfer and ComfortPly technology which removes unnecessary material to reduce vibration and improve ride quality.

First featured on the P5 and then on the P3, the low maintenance Magura brake system is lighter and more aerodynamic than any standard caliper or disc brake. The rear brake is hidden below the chainstays under the bottom bracket for ultimate speed. The Magura system provides better stopping power and modulation, even in wet conditions.

The P5 and P3 offer multiple storage options as well, each one designed and positioned specifically to minimize drag so you are always ready to race. The cables and battery of the P5 are completely hidden inside the frame for a 10-20 gram aero improvement, easy access, and easy service. Both the P5 and P3 feature a horizontal standard two bolt bottle cage between the arms of the aerobar, and two mounting bolts are incorporated behind the stem to allow for further aero storage options.

Once you ride one, you’ll immediately feel the lightning speed, but also the perfect fit and comfort needed to sustain your aero position during long distance races, or to tackle the toughest sprints.

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