Why Massage at a Bike Shop?

Sports-Massage3When asked to contribute to this blog, I was at a quandary on what to write.  There are so many things I want to share that my brain temporarily froze from overthinking!  So I decided to start by introducing myself and explaining why I would choose to have a massage practice in a bike shop.

My name is Ngoc (sounds like “knock”) and I love massage and bodyworks – actually I love all types of manual therapies that allow me to explore my body potential to its max.  I enjoy receiving massage and introducing people to massage therapy as a tool to relieve pain and tension, and to maximize potential.  I chose to be part of the bike shop because whenever I come into the shop, I am astounded by the positivity and openness that greets me.

There is an internal strength and determination to always be better that I admire greatly in everyone who steps into that bike shop.  I enjoy seeing the friendly competition around me, and I also like that there are great friendships being developed and great support to be had.  I feel like I am always contributing and am always at the front line of the action.   I would not have all this if my practice was elsewhere.

As a massage therapist working in a bike shop, what is my role?  Well as everyone gets to know each other, my role is constantly evolving.  Ultimately, I see myself as these:

1) Your Body Mechanic

IT-band-630x419Cycling is fun, but it can also be challenging and hard on the body. Even with the best intention, your body will still have its inevitable knots and tightness.  My goal is to help your body feel better – to always perform at an optimum level.  I want to make sure that those knots and tightness will not develop into something more serious, and to help you reach your body’s potential.

2) Part of Your Performance Team

Every cyclist needs a team to help him or her be better and feel better.  I, along with Saul Blau and Barrett Brauer and everyone at ARB, am part of a team that you can rely on to help you be your best.  To be the support system you need.  And trust me, you will improve and feel better under our care.

3) A Resource

I may not know much about certain things – like who will win the Super Bowl or how to calculate your VO2 max, but I do know about the body and the potential that the body has for change and performance.  And even if I don’t know, I can connect you to people who will have the answer.

This is a beginning, and it will be an honor to have you along for the ride!  Stay tuned…..

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