Top 6 Holiday Gift Picks

Here at ARB, we are constantly looking for the best and coolest new cycling items. We decided that in order for you to have a little extra “you” time during the holidays, we would make gift purchasing as painless as possible by creating an ARB Staff Picks list. There was a fair amount of debating, but we did all the hard work for you and now present you with the best items that made the list! Many of these choices come in nice boxes that would make for a great present. Don’t forget that if you still can’t decide what gift to give your friend, family, or significant other, you can let them decide for themselves with one of our ARB Gift Cards! Stop by the store to check out all of these items in person!

Big Corkscrew
1. Campagnolo’s The BIG Corkscrew – Bronze / Silver

Campagnolo has always produced beautifully finished bike parts, and this corkscrew is no exception. An over-sized corkscrew, it is designed to pull corks out with ease. There is fine attention to detail; the base even has a rubber stopper built into it to protect the neck of your wine bottle. If you look closely, you’ll realize that the bolts used to fasten the arms in place are Campagnolo’s chainring bolts. Awesome! Moreover, this corkscrew comes in both a bronze and a silver finish, and is delivered in a nice wooden crate. That sort of presentation would make it a perfect gift for your wine-loving Campy fans! 

2. Spurcycle Bell – Black / Silver
Don’t enjoy shouting “On your left?” Roadies are now embracing the bicycle bell. This Spurcycles Bell is the bicycle bell correctly re-invented. You know how some bells have multiple rubber spacers and still don’t seem to be mounted tightly? This bell doesn’t have that issue. It comes with two different sizes of a metal strap, which is inserted in the back of the bell, and tightened via the screw on top. It takes all of 30 seconds to install, and even fits flat bars. You know how some bells ring by itself especially when riding over bumpy roads? This bell only rings when the lever is intentionally actuated. The sound of brass hitting this steel bell is music in your ears. This compact and classy little bell is the perfect gift for the cyclist that you want to keep safe on the roads. It comes in both a raw silver finish (a silver bell for Christmas!) and a black finish as well as nice looking packaging. Come into the store today to give it a ring and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with it!

Lezyne Carbon Multitool
3. Lezyne Carbon Multitool

This Lezyne Carbon Multitool really appeals to the inner weight-weenie in me. Carbon fiber replaces your usual alloy side plates, and the bolts holding this tool together are titanium. Not only is the excess weight shaved off from the base of the tools, even the bolts are tapered off. What you have left is a super slick-looking, 80g multi tool. The tools included are more than enough for what you would need on the road, and the tool itself is sturdy enough to crank things down. It might not be enough to really tighten down any loose pedals, and the chain tool might be harder to use for those of you with larger fingers, but its certainly a great set to have in your saddle bag. This item also comes in its own little tin can, which is a perfect way to present this beautiful tool. 

Minoura Fg540
4. Minoura FG540
The Minoura FG540 is an amazingly compact hybrid trainer. It uses the smoothness and basics of rollers without you having to worry about falling off them. Now you can plop the trainer down in front of the TV without fear of falling painfully into your living room furniture! The setup is fantastically simple. You don’t have to be concerned about skewer compatibility or changing them out every time because all you need to do is remove the front wheel, attach your bike to the fork mount, and adjust the roller distance to your wheelbase. The built in resistance adjuster clamps onto your handlebars, and is operated via a simple cable system, so there is no need to deal with electronic failures. The small size and ease of use really makes this a top choice for us. Who knows, maybe you can even convince your significant other to stay at home and watch a movie with you while they are on the trainer because it is quiet enough to do that. 

Garmin Varia
5. Garmin Varia
The Garmin Varia is a great piece of technology once you realize what it does. It is essentially a radar system that helps you detect cars that are coming up from behind you. The device will help you be more alert and aware when you know a car is approaching. The Varia can connect to your Garmin, or it can be purchased with its own display unit. Cars appear as dots on your screen, and you will see them blink and move closer as the car approaches. It conveniently doubles as a rear light as well, giving you added visibility as it gets dark. This would make a great gift for the tech lovers, especially if they’ve been meaning to get a rear visibility light. 

6. Socks!

It’s not sandal weather anymore, so it’s time to stock up on some quality socks! Black and white socks are fine, but why miss out on an opportunity to show off your impeccable style and color matching skills? There are plenty of awesome patterns and designs made by Swiftwick and Forze, but here’s an idea: you can even buy two different pairs of socks and wear one from each! Either way, you can’t go wrong with some colorful options and everyone can always use another fresh pair of socks! 

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