BMC Roadmachine 02 Review

I have been thoroughly enjoying my titanium Foundry for the last six months. (If you missed out on the original post about titanium bikes, you can read about that right here).
Not too many things have changed since I first got the bike. The external cable routing has kept my shifting and braking smooth and reliable, and my bike has not given me a single issue yet. I did end up swapping out my Mavic aluminum wheels. I opted to go for a set of Enve SES 3.4 clinchers with Enve’s brand new carbon hubs which only further improved my ride quality. Crazy, I know. If you told me when I first got the bike that it would be possible to make my bike ride even better, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Needless to say, when BMC dropped off the new 2017 BMC Roadmachine at our shop, I knew I had to try it. I came off of a carbon bike onto my titanium bike, and I wanted to hop back on a carbon frame to compare the differences after riding titanium for so long. This would also be my first time riding disc brakes, so I was curious as to how they performed in comparison to rim brakes on carbon wheels. With all of the hype surrounding disc brake road bikes, I wanted some first-hand experience on them so I could come to my own conclusions about them.

The Roadmachine is touted to be a one-bike-does-all kind of bike. I like to think that my Foundry can accomplish the same thing, but the Roadmachine actually does much more. It does so by drawing technology off the BMC TeaIMG_3311mmachine, Timemachine, and Granfondo. “On paper, the Roadmachine is a disc brake road bike with good tire clearance, officially up to 30 or 32mm tires depending on the model; an adaptable head tube designed to accommodate wide range of handlebar heights; geometry that combines short chainstays (410mm) and a high-ish bottom bracket (71mm drop), with relaxed front-end geometry (head angle varies with size, but fork offset is adjusted to maintain a long-ish 63mm trail dimension across all sizes).”

I was excited to take the Roadmachine out on this week’s Wednesday Worlds ride. This was the ideal ride to test the Roadmachine out because I have lots of Strava data from previous rides that I could use for comparison. First things first, I swapped my pedals, lights, and saddle back over to the Roadmachine which was followed up with making the necessary saddle adjustments. Once that was done, I was ready to roll. I weighed my Foundry without all the gear and pedals, and IMG_3316it came in at 15 lbs and 13 oz. Not too shabby considering I didn’t even build the bike out to be super light weight. However, I wanted to take the Roadmachine out for its ride first before weighing it; I didn’t want to be biased on the ride thinking about the weight difference. My initial impression rolling out on the bike was that I expected it to be a lot harsher. Instead, it seemed pretty close to the comfort that my Foundry provided, but I wanted to wait until the end of the ride before drawing any final conclusions. The post-ride soreness, or lack thereof, would dictate whether or not the bike was truly comfortable.

Once the ride really started picking up, I began to realize just how smoothly the bike rode. It was incredibly stable at speed, and handled super well. It wasn’t twitchy, and even when the bike rolled over larger cracks and bumps in the road, I didn’t feel like the bike wanted to jerk around or throw me off. Granted, I did notice that the bike was slower to get up to speed than my bike, but I also had to keep in mind that this particular build was still running aluminum wheels, and a disc brake setup in inevitably going to be heavier than its caliper brake counterpart. Funnily enough, my ride with the Roadmachine ended up being my fastest Wednesday Worlds ride. While that may or may not have to do with stopping due to someone’s flat and then furiously playing catch-up for the remainder of the ride, it shows that this bike really doesn’t hold you back in any way. As for stopping power, the brakes were great. There was plenty of brake power and modulation, and while we didn’t have any descents on the Wednesday route, I feel that they would inspire confidence. Although for someone that weighs as little as I do and doesn’t ride in super mountainous areas, traditional caliper brakes are honestly more than enough for me.

I finished the ride with no soreness in my shoulders (which is the first place I would usually start to feel uncomfortable), and I felt pretty great on it. After moving the pedals and the rest of the accessories off the bike, the Road Machine weighed in at 19 lbs and 7 oz. It made sense that it was a little slower to accelerate in, but a decent carbon wheelset could probably come close to bridging the gap. I can truly see the Roadmachine being the one bike that you could have, especially if you consider a Roadmachine 01 (which is closer in specs to my Foundry). And while I think I would still prefer the quick snappy feel of my Foundry and the classic look of titanium, the Roadmachine makes a great option.

If you happen to fit a 54cm BMC, be sure to stop by the shop and arrange a demo ride!

Ride with BMC’s Peter Stetina & Support America’s Veterans

Calling All Orange County Cycling Enthusiasts:

R2R Challenge High-FiveIf you are reading this blog, most likely you’re a cyclist!  You are probably an American citizen too, or at least live here.  The one thing all Americans share is a deep appreciation of those who sacrifice life & limb to protect our freedom and those of others around the world (regardless of your opinion on any particular war).   These men and women truly are heroes.   Here is your chance to step up and make a BIG contribution to America’s wounded veterans using your passion for cycling.  I can’t think of a better combination!

Ride 2 Recovery and The Big Orange Classic have put together a fantastic event the day before the main ride.   In return for your $100 donation, here is what you’ll get at this exclusive Orange County VIP event:

  • Peter-Stetina-TourEasy (nobody gets dropped) 20 mile ride with one of America’s top cyclists, Peter Stetina of BMC Racing.  Peter is a 4 time Grand Tour finisher, including a 35th place (out of 164 who finished) in his first Tour de France last year.
  • Chance to ride & chat with Peter in a more intimate setting than the main ride.  He’ll be hanging out pre- and post-ride as well.  How many group rides have you been on where the guy riding next to you has competed in the Tour de France – and you haven’t been dropped!  Go ahead, ask your questions – what’s a day at the Tour really like?
  • Ride the same top of the line BMC SLR01 as Peter Stetina!  You’ll have the opportunity to demo one of these amazing race rigs on this ride.
  • The ride starts and ends from Shimano USA headquarters, perhaps the most innovative and recognizable brand in cycling.
  • Browse and hang out in the recently constructed Shimano showroom to see the latest in bicycle components and gear.  This will include a demonstration of the new Road Hydro groupset.
  • Complimentary Shimano grab bag and post-ride beer/appetizers while hanging out with Peter Stetina and reps from Shimano and BMC.

Tour de France 2014, Grand Depart, Peter Stetina, BMC Team Machine SLR01 (Pic: Colin Henrys/Factory Media)

While this is truly a dream event for any cycling enthusiast, what you’ll feel best about is that your donation is really making a difference in the lives of America’s wounded veterans – or Healing Heroes.  And what is changing their lives? CYCLING!  If you love cycling and it has given so much to you, what better way to give back than giving wounded veterans that experience they so desperately need.  What makes cycling unique as a way to help our Healing Heroes become fully rehabilitated?  First of all, almost everyone can cycle, no matter their physical situation.  This is not so for almost any other sport, including running. Cycling treats the whole person:  physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.  And healing veterans can be brought to a higher level of function by utilizing cycling as a part of their rehabilitation.  But in order to reach more veterans, Ride 2 Recovery needs your help.  And fundraising events like these help do that.  Here is a video that captures much of what Ride 2 Recovery is all about.  Caution – it is sobering, but also inspirational.   Please consider signing up for this one-of-a-kind cycling event!



A Road Bike Upgrade That Will Make a Difference!

A bottom bracket’s job can be quite thankless when everything is working but it can also be a huge source of trouble when using inferior products. The biggest issues we have run into include inferior bearings and poor fit. The stock bottom bracket used on your bike is typically the cheapest option available. As a result, the bottom bracket will feel gritty and require more force to spin. Another issue we commonly see is poor fit within a stock bottom bracket. Most OEM bottom brackets/adapters are plastic which will cause creaking issues over time.

In the past, ceramic bottom brackets started at $300+!  We recently teamed up with Kogel Bearings who offers a ceramic bottom bracket from $159 to $199. Their bearings are infinitely smoother and offer a housing made from aluminum. Stop by the store and turn the cranks to feel the difference for yourself!!  There is no doubt you’ll get some extra wattage with the same amount of effort.

Read more…

2014 BMC Team Machine Ride Review

I recently got the chance to test ride the brand new 2014 BMC SLR01 in Grenchen, Switzerland. To give a little bit of history, I’ve owned a Race Machine in 2012 and currently ride a 2013 Team Machine. I’m a huge fan of the product and was so excited to test ride BMC’s new product.

BMC spent over three years developing this new frame. Using their ACE (Accelerated Composite Evolution) technology, they went through 34,000 revisions until they achieved the final result. The frame is lighter and stiffer than the 2013’s while retaining the compliance needed for an all day ride.

To help achieve their design goals, BMC made many subtle changes. Some of the new design features include asymmetric chain stays, a new optimized seat post shape, and an over sized down tube. The results are 25% more torsional stiffness over the MY2013 SLR, 10% more compliance, 10% lighter and a 50% Stiffness/Weight increase!

2014 Team Machine

In 2013, I’ve put a few thousand miles on my SLR01. The bike is fast, handles extremely well and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It’s hard to imagine that BMC could offer a better bike. The new 2014 is lighter and seems to acceleration faster. In general, the bike is snappier and more responsive.


We had the opportunity to ride the Grenchenberg which is a 8 or 9 mile climb with about 3,300 feet of gain. The climb averages at 7% and can be quite a grind. The SLR01 climbed beautifully and helped me stay with the lead group. I was able to respond to a number of accelerations and I seemed that have that extra gear. The descent was interesting due to the fairly technical route and rough roads. The bike absorbed many of the imperfections and seemed to really shine when pushed hard.

The 2014 BMC line looks great and will offer a wide range of options. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions!

JUNE SPECIAL: 2013 BMC Carbon Road Bikes

Starting on June 1st through the month of June, take $500 off select 2013 BMC carbon road and mountain bikes and receive a FREE BMC Racing Team Replica Kit!  Take advantage of this in-season discount in addition to the ARB Total Value Program.



Come on over to A Road Bike 4U to experience the racing pedigree of the Tour de France and Tour of California winning Team Machine, the comfort of the Classics/Endurance-category Gran Fondo and the rest of the BMC road line.  We even have a Team Elite 29er mountain bike for you to test out!

2013 BMC TimeMachine TR 01

The BMC Timemachine TMR01 is made to ride fast. You go fast. Very fast. Because you are powerful and you know that with the Timemachine TMR01, neither the wind nor your competitors can hold you back. You have the sharpest weapon in a bunch sprint, escape or Olympic distance triathlon.




2013 BMC RaceMachine 01

BMC’s full on race bike is the Racemachine RM01.
With the RM01 you get all the genes of a Tour de France-winning super-bike at a more affordable price. With its bigger brother, the Teammachine SLR01, it shares the industrial design, lightweight construction and all the details that make it a recognized race bike. Like the SLR01 it is a great all-rounder, feeling at home on any road.



2013 TimeMachine 02

High tech aero performance from BMC. The TimeMachine TM02 shares most of the TM01’s revolutionary technologies. The SubA concept reduces drag to a minimum by the use of tripwire technology and truncated profiles. The P2P seat post offers a wide adjustment range that makes sure you find your perfect position. The TM02 includes a high level of integration which moves components out of the wind and into the frame slipstream.

Plus Many Many More! See all the eligible models here!

2013 BMC Granfondo GF01 Road Bike

The new for 2013 BMC Granfondo GF01 road bike is designed to go really fast, but also really far.


While it is in every sense a racing machine, there are comfort features throughout that allows the rider to take this unit on rough roads for long distances. As noted by the video, there is a specialness about the Granfondo that can’t be described, but only experienced. You can now get that experience in OC’s premier road bike shop, A Road Bike 4U in Irvine.

When you step into this unique bicycle boutique you will be immediately struck by their modern showroom and focus on all bikes primarily meant for the pavement. The fitting studio and VO2 Max endurance clinic are just two pieces of evidence that racers, enthusiasts, triathletes, and all other road bike fans will get exactly what they need here.

We’d love to see your comments about the bike, the video or our shop!